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Caragh is a Vancouver Canada based Cinematographer and ICG 669 Camera Operator.  Born in Greece to Irish Parents, Caragh spent her early years living in and around Pakistan.  Her first introduction to film came during these times as her father recorded their adventures on Super 8 film and held home movie “screenings” for their tiny community. 


Upon immigrating to Canada, Caragh found belonging through sports. Her highest achievement was placing 8th in the World Sailing Companionships while still in high school. With any free time, Caragh relaxed her overactive imagination through constant artistic expression.


Caragh began a Bachelor of Science at UBC before relenting to her artistic nature and transferring into a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography/Painting and minoring in Art History. Caragh’s student art works: fusing photography and painting sold out during her Graduation Gallery.


In her final year at UBC, Caragh was recruited to create an Art Installation for a Short Film.  Once on set, she immediately understood that her love of Physics and Art combined perfectly into Cinematography. 

Her intense study of visual analysis, the history of imagery, and the depiction of stories both aesthetically and emotionally, now make her collaboration with Directors seem effortless.


Directly after graduation Caragh began working in the Film Industry and was accepted into ICG 669 as one of the only women at that time.  She worked her way up through the ranks, mastering each position before becoming a Camera Operator, who is now following her trajectory into Cinematography.


Caragh's deep well of film experience working on Block Buster Movies, Acclaimed TV Series and hit Commercials has made Caragh into a decisive and relaxed leader who excels at creating a productive and creative set. She has excellent communication skills, understands the technical knowledge of film making, is well able to translate the Directors intentions to the rest of the crew, and works to achieve a look that elevates the material. 


Caragh has also worked as a Director of Client Services for Clairmont Camera, where she learned the language of the Producer.  This expertise comes into play daily as she balances all the needs of the Cinematographer, understanding that the Producers hire her to create Art, to be the guardian of the image and to press for quality and beauty, all on a budget.


Caragh loves existing in the space where Art and Physics collide and collaborating with others to manipulate that space to tell a story which can help us understand and interpret the world around us.


Caragh holds both EU and Canadian Citizenship and welcomes the opportunity for adventure.

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